Distillery of fine marcs
Our distillery was built by the coppersmith Adrian in Großheubach according to our specifications.
Mainly marcs are distilled here and this requires the ownership of a distillation right. Our right allows us to produce up to threehundred litres of pure distillate per year.
On this basis, we consequently distill finest marcs in small production numbers.

We only use pomace from hand-selected grapes. Pomace from white grapes is fermented for about two to three weeks and then distilled. Red pomace is from mash-fermented red grapes that are normally distilled immediately after pressing.

Our copper still pot allows a distillation process which is very gentle to the aromas. Due to the even distribution of heat in the still pot and the ability to control the flow of the vapour we can diligently separate the foreshots and faints from the precious middle cut. The results are fine and highly exclusive marcs.

To reach their supreme taste and ripeness our marcs have to mature on average for five years before they are ready to be enjoyed. For the maturation we use a variety of containers such as small stainless-steel tanks, demi-johns (glass balloons) or oak casks. Before bottling, we slowly water-down the marcs with spring water until they reach drinking strength.

Connoisseurs of high proofs and aperitifs will surely get their money’s worth here.

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