When visiting our estate, you can discover two parts of the manor that are built in a unique way. The street leading up to our manor separates two almost identical groups of farm and residential buildings.


The wooden framework of the inside is faced with bricks on the outside (the barns with simple bricks), the bases are covered with new red sandstones. The avant-corps are fitted symmetrical in the centres of the faces of the residential buildings. Especially remarkable in this connection are the buildings’ jambs. These massive sandstone works required a highly skilled craftmanship and anticipated a certain direction of the Art Nouveau era, called “Darmstädter Stil”. This was created by the works of several artists from 1899 onwards on the Mathildenhöhe of the city of Darmstadt, who employed stylistic means from historism and Wilhelminian style.

Adam-Weidmann-PortraitThe spacious and elaborate residential buildings had been planned from 1876 to 1879 by the architect and farmer Adam Weidmann whom we dedicated our red wine of the same name.

The deep cellars also date back to this time. During guided tours, our guests are reminded of Adam when leaving the estate restaurant “Nickl’s Speisekammer” (Nickl’s pantry) and accessing the cellar: “18 Adam Weidmann 79” is engraved into the large sandstone arch above the staircase.

By the way, the extensive vaults underneath our farm buildings are amongst the largest cellars of private wine estates in Rheinhessen.

After JOHANNINGER’s foundation in 1994, we had the opportunity to lease and then in year 2000 purchase the wine estate Weidmann. Today, we live and work in these buildings on a property of about 9,000 sqm.


For a good reason, we are often asked how we arrived at the estate’s name “JOHANNINGER” since no one here has this name. Therefore, we want to solve this riddle now!

JOHANNINGER is an artificial name that was born during the foundation of our estate. Due to the fact that the wine estate was created from the unification of various estate ownerships we did not want it to bear the name of just one person.

The ancestors of the founding families Haas and Schufried have an age-long wine making tradition that reaches back into the 17th century. To honour this history and two special ancestors we combined their names and created a new, unique wine estate name.

These ancestors are and were our senior principal Johannes (Hans) Haas (born 1936) and Johann Fischborn (1853-1924) builder of the Schufried wine estate and manor.

Backed by their names and some vinous play of words “JOHANNINGER” was born in spring 1994! By the way, this distinctive name is world-wide unique and registered as a mark with the German patents organisation: where ever you are on this world and search for “JOHANNINGER” on the internet, you will always arrive at our one-of-a-kind wine estate in Biebelsheim.

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