Work & Training

Work and training at JOHANNINGER

Joha-Menschen-02JOHANNINGER wine estate traditionally unites people who are fond of nature and have a strong passion for wine and enjoy this product. All steps in the process, from planting the vines to bottling the finished products, are completed on our estate. This also includes the production of the sparkling wines and fine distillates. Our leadership team sees through all steps by providing instructions and by being present during the “green work” (outside in the vineyards), which is focused on craftsmanship and employing natural sciences.


Joha-Menschen-01JOHANNINGER also spends considerable efforts on training and apprenticeship. This area is dominated by conveying all practical skills necessary to produce wine and connecting these with the essential theoretical knowledge.
We support various educational paths: apprenticeship as winemaker, internships during studies of viticulture and enology as well as studies of international wine business. For many years we have also been nourishing international contacts in this area.

Should you have further interest in training at JOHANNINGER please contact us via the contact form.



We are proud of having accompanied many young people on their way into the wonderful world of wine making. Some of these left very special footprints…

Brad Paton joined us from Franshoek (South Africa) in 1996 and stayed until 2004. He didn’t only complete a 12-month internship, but stayed on during his entire studies of viticulture at Geisenheim University, working in all areas of our estate. Today, Brad is the cellarmaster of Buitenverwachting, one of South Africa’s most renowned wine estates.

Johannes Schild served his apprenticeship from 2000 to 2002 at JOHANNINGER, before taking on his studies of viticulture. Nowadays, he is very successful with his parents’ wine estate and is a co-founder of “Nahe 7”.

Uwe Meier arrived in 2005 at our estate from Windhoek (Namibia). After a three-year apprenticeship Uwe worked at JOHANNINGER until the completion of his education as wine making technician in 2011.

Oliver Herzer is probably our most “enduring apprentice”. When Oliver finished his apprenticeship and studies of viticulture not only his love and joy for wine tied him to us, but also his love to Dieter Schufried’s daughter. Since 2015 he is married to Tina Schufried and is a partner of the business.

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